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New ‘Comet Coffee’ shop set to spruce up Learning Commons

Photo by Madison Krell

There’s more than minds brewing in the Learning Commons.

A coffee shop is being implemented into Mason High School’s newly-converted space, according to the project’s co-founder, senior Emily Trinh.

“Some of my fellow seniors (and I) pitched the idea of having a coffee shop to administration last year,” Trinh said. “We’re going to be selling three different flavors of coffee in the area that used to be called the periodical area. That area is going to be sectioned off and the three flavors of coffee will be sold using K-cups like Keurigs.”

Amir Karaman, spearhead of Comet Coffee, said these machines will be capable of providing coffee for the large student body with a minimal wait time.

“They’re industrial-sized machines so it’s not like your average K-cup that’s in your kitchen,” Karaman said. “They’re able to brew cups a lot faster and that will decrease the wait time.”

Students in the work study program will run Comet Coffee, said Karaman, which provides them a valuable opportunity to learn work skills on a semester schedule.

“It’s going to be the work study kids who are going to be serving (students),” Karaman said. “Because of the short bells, there isn’t enough time to outsource and learn money- counting skills and people skills, so this was a great opportunity for us to collaborate with them.”

Students will be able to choose between three flavors: Cinnabon, caramel vanilla cream, and French roast, according to Karaman. Prices will depend on whether a student wishes to buy a single cup of coffee or opt for a travel mug.

“Right now, we are talking about $3 per cup of coffee and we’re also going to sell a travel mug that will have a $1 refill,” said Karaman.

This travel mug will be between $15-20, said Karaman, and be 10-12 ounces; standard cups will be 10 ounces.

According to Trinh, the goal is for the coffee to be available for purchase by the end of October, when Comet Coffee becomes functional. The coffee shop should then provide an added convenience for students.

“It should be really popular because I know a lot of seniors and juniors that come into the school with coffee in hand,” Trinh said. “This is a way that they don’t have to go out of their way to go purchase that.”

Trinh said this convenience is intended to keep students in the school as opposed to studying in outside coffee shops.

“The whole idea behind it is that a lot of students will venture out to Panera, or Kidd Coffee or Starbucks after hours to work together, but we want to have a safe environment that’s going to encourage co-operation amongst students,” Trinh said. “That is what the Learning Commons will be and hopefully, by providing coffee, that will entice students to really stay after school.”

Though the addition of Comet Coffee may increase the influx of students coming in and out of the Learning Commons, MHS Media Specialist Virginia Robinson said it shouldn’t affect student productivity.

“I don’t think it will affect their learning because kids already multitask mentally, physically, whether they’re drinking (coffee), texting, watching television or listening to music,” Robinson said. “It’s the same. It’s a different way of multitasking for kids these days.”

Robinson said the renovated  Learning Commons is collaborative, and according to Karaman, Comet Coffee is a way to enhance this collaborative space.

“We’re hoping it will really embody a true Learning Commons so we will truly take advantage of the facilities that we’re really fortunate to have,” Karaman said. “I know a lot of people are really tired throughout the day. Hopefully, we can wake them up with a nice cup of coffee.”


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