Water polo teams defeat Princeton on Senior Night

Both the boys and girls water polo teams drowned the Princeton Vikings on senior night this Tuesday. The boys won 19-16; the girls won 10-3.

According to head coach Mark Sullivan, senior night drives his players to perform.

“I think it adds a huge part of the game,” Sullivan said. “The seniors definitely don’t want to lose…I just think it really adds to the incentive of making sure: number one, you’re going to win, and number two, just to play well.”

Though the incentive to perform is amplified, senior and co-captain Abbie Etherington said the night allows the team to have fun.

“(When we play) a team like Princeton we know we can beat, we can have fun in the game,” Etherington said. “We can play how we want to play, and it’s fun because all the starters are playing and then all the seniors are playing, so it’s just really fun to be together and play and win.”

After a successful season last year, Etherington said she believes her team can tackle state.

“I think right now our team is ready,” Etherington said. “We’ve grown so much throughout the season, and I think we’re ready to take on state, and we’re ready to beat those hard teams like Sycamore and Upper Arlington.”

Sullivan said he is also positive about the team’s prospects.

“We’ve always peaked very well at the end of the season,” Sullivan said. “I’m really optimistic that both teams are going to do really well.”

Even though the Vikings couldn’t match the Comets’ performance in these games, the teams cannot afford to take a break if they hope to come out on top, according to Sullivan.

“They (have) got to keep practicing hard,” Sullivan said. “It’s such a short window; they cannot rest…We’ve got a few more things to get accomplished in practice, (including to) just get their mindset ready to be focused on the championship season.”


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