intelligent life calvin and hobbes

I believe in aliens. If the universe is as immense as the scientists say it is, I find it statistically improbable that Earth is the only planet with life.

Media has two adaptations of aliens: the cute, green, cuddly aliens we show our kids–and the vicious, man-eating, but brainless aliens who come to destroy Earth only to be decimated by our oh-so-superior technology we manage to create as a global union despite international and intranational conflicts that handicapped our world just a few years before the “invasion.”

I don’t recall ever seeing a movie where the aliens were beautiful, intelligent, or civil. It seems modern culture does not want to envision the possibility that alien life forms are superior to ourselves. All adaptations of extraterrestrial life end in the subjugation or genocide of said life. I can understand, in theory, why filmmakers would want to keep humanity victorious in the end. People don’t like to lose. And let’s face it–the ending where humans and aliens join hands to promote world peace would not achieve high ratings.

I acknowledge this, but for some reason, I still find myself disappointed in alien movies. Maybe it’s the abundance of gore and lack of plot line, maybe it’s the absence of the stupid humor I love, maybe it’s just that I don’t want to believe it. I’d rather believe humans can fuel their egos in ways other than massacring aliens. And, at the heart of the matter, I’d rather believe the debate over aliens’ existence is irrelevant, that we’ll never find them anyway.


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