(Trivia) crack addicts


The app Trivia Crack is all the rage with the young people, and subsequently, my phone has been below 10% battery life before 11:30 am for the past week. The premise: link the app to your Facebook and proceed to challenge your friends’ knowledge in six categories: history, geography, entertainment, art, sports, science. Next step: watch while your addiction drains your phone battery and motivation with each passing question. Some people, including fellow Chronicle writer Matt Marvar of the blog Marvarvelous, have claimed that us addicts are wasting time we could be using to “get outside” and “ride bikes.”

Of course the Chronicle staff ignored him, and Matt did not partake in our Trivia Crack mass challenges and rivalries. But, c’mon, Matt–it’s December. It’s dark at 4:57 and below freezing 37 hours a day. (Days get longer during exam season.) And for all of Marvar’s rebukes of our trivia mania, I think we can agree there are far worse ways we could be spending our time. Trivia Crack may include questions of supreme, Stephen-Hawking-style intelligence such as “What color are Peter Pan’s clothes?” but on other occasions, I can stop pressing a random answer long enough to remember that India shares a land border with Bangladesh. That’s one more factoid to help conceal my abysmal geography skills–and something that could never have come out of playing the Kardashian simulation app.

Older generations may tell us it doesn’t matter, that we’re still communicating through a screen. And maybe we are. But when we’re out in the hallway, at lunch, or whittling away free time in The Chronicle room, we are sharing answers, laughs, and friendly jibes. We are communicating. Through speech. As people.

And of course, Trivia Crack may be a trivial fad app that will disappear faster than Ruzzle, Draw Something, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Facebook–but until then:

Hello, my name is Jessica Sommerville, and I am a Trivia Crack addict.


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