A crude comparison

My family in Russia introduced me to The Croods. I wasn’t sold, and yet my family insisted its brilliance came not from the cheesy punch lines, but from the Croods’ striking similarities to our own clan of cavemen.

You have…

  1. The security-obsessed father that insists everyone “wait for [his] signal” before exiting the cave.
  2. The exasperated mother hoping to keep everyone alive long enough to calm down.
  3. The insane brother that exists to cause mayhem but will wait for the father’s signal only after everyone else has ignored it and left the cave.
  4. The flesh-craving youngest sibling that is sicked on the family’s prey with a cry of “RELEASE THE BABY!”
  5. The irritated daughter longing only to find the light and escape her crazed family.

I’m sure this was the intention of the creators of The Croods; it wasn’t at all a stretch to put our family members in the characters’ places. The movie is still quite cheesy, but if you have ever been irritated with family, you might not mind.


Watch the trailer here:


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