Graduation marathon

Grads plan how to kill time during ceremony


Graduation survival kit: ready-to-toss cap and large-sleeved gown; 4G LTE smartphone; Subway sandwich; and four years’ worth of patience.

This year’s senior class has 828 students, making its graduation a marathon. According to senior Leyla Ashraf, this makes food crucial.

“I’m probably going to stick some snacks in my sleeves, honestly,” Ashraf said. “I really will. The sleeves are huge.”

Senior Faryaal Zindani, the last member of the class of 2015, said she will tweet pictures and chat to pass time, but her family is not as optimistic.

“A lot of my cousins (have said), ‘Hey, we’re just going to come the last 30 minutes of your ceremony,’” Zindani said. “But they’re going to suck it up because we had to do that for my brother.”

When Zindani at last crosses the stage, she said it may be difficult to return to her seat in time for the final festivities.

“(My brother) didn’t make it back to his seat,” Zindani said. “He was still getting his diploma when they turned the tassels in the air. So we’re talking to administration and making sure that we’re seated before the confetti and everything goes off because that would suck not being able to turn your tassel with the entire class. And it would be awkward just walking back from getting your diploma while everyone’s standing up.”

Despite this possibility, Zindani said she looks forward to being this year’s last senior to graduate.

“I think it’s awesome because…people are going to be so excited toward the end anyways to announce the graduating class,” Zindani said. “I think it will be exciting to be the last one and that everyone will cheer on that we’re finally done…it gives (me) something to look forward to while I’m waiting for everyone else.”


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