Girls tennis on road to state after undefeated season, GMC win

GMC championship down, state tournament to go.

The girls tennis team added another win to its 18 and 0 record, and this one earned it the GMC title.

Junior Amanda Huser placed third in first singles; according to her, the team’s next task will be to defeat the Aves once again on its way to state.

“We have two more state matches to make it to team state, so we’ll play Sycamore next,” Huser said. “And then, if we win that, we’ll play Ursuline, and then whoever wins that match will get to go to team state.”

Huser said individuals may qualify for state separate from the team, and the sectional tournaments for individual competitors will start next week.

Many of these individual Comets are now juniors who have played on varsity since freshman year. According to Huser, this experience playing at a high-level has prepared the team for its current success.

“I think (we’re) definitely more confident,” Huser said. “I know I was on varsity freshman year…I was a lot more nervous most of the time. (I felt) like I had to win for the seniors because our team was all freshmen and all seniors. So it was a lot of fun, but now I feel like we’re more used to the pressure that goes on during matches, and we handle it a lot better.”

Junior Lizzy Kong was also one of these freshmen. This year she swiped first in second singles against the strong Sycamore opponent senior Maggie Skwara. The last time the two faced off, Skwara emerged victorious, making this a big win, according to Kong.

“Every time I play her, she starts playing on fire,” Kong said. “So when (we played) last year…she was playing out of her mind, so even though that my loss that day didn’t really matter because we ended up beating Sycamore anyway, today it really mattered because this is the GMC.”

Kong broke two rackets in the intensity of the match, but she was able to use a borrowed one to deliver a win in one of three courts needed to win the title.

Her fellow Comets also delivered. Senior Sanjana Dalta took first in third singles, senior Nicole Reid and junior Sneha Kandi took first in first doubles and senior Sonya Kapoor and junior Isabel Cepeda took first in second doubles. With wins in four courts, the Comets hoisted their trophy with plans to tackle state.


Photo by Staff Writer Serina Cline

Kong said the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association (OTCA) has named Mason number one in the state, causing their success this year to be unparalleled in the team’s history.

“This is probably the best team that Mason’s ever had,” Kong said. “We’re working really hard to play to our best potential because we know that we can do very well. And we’re 18 and 0 right now which is the best Mason has ever seen. So while we are making history, our previous wins don’t really count because better starts now.”


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