OPINION: Planned Parenthood is not the enemy


Boy meets girl ends with a haunted twist for all when boy knocks up girl.

Neither will be able to escape the snide tweets and in-hallway whispers sure to follow, but as of yet all boy and girl register is a gnawing fear in the pits of their stomachs. Before September, boy and girl may have grappled with their options at 11 Ludlow Street–the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic.

Now the institution that may have once aided boy and girl through a tumultuous point in their lives is being demonized for videos that a pro-life group, the Center for Medical Progress, concocted with more regard for shock value than for truth.

In these videos, two paid actors posed as representatives from a human biologic company, according to CNN, then grabbed lunch and video with Dr. Deborah Nucatola as she spoke of Planned Parenthood’s donation of fetal tissue to scientific researchers.

The sale of fetal tissue for profit is illegal; however, Planned Parenthood claims it donates said tissue and receives only reimbursement for its costs. From here, Congress lost its head–pontificating about the so-called immorality and illegality of such a profitable “black market.”

But such a term could not be more fallacious. Reimbursement of fetal tissue is legal, and if this tissue would only be disregarded if not donated, scientists should and will continue to utilize it to cure ailments and accelerate the medical field. According to CNN, scientists can use fetal tissue to create vaccines, find treatment for diseases such as Parkinson’s and provide insight to stem cell research.

For this reason, coupled with the legality of Planned Parenthood’s actions, 61 percent of Americans oppose eliminating government funding to Planned Parenthood, according to a late September WSJ/NBC poll.

Congress has applauded itself because it avoided a government shutdown in the face of this funding debate, but its incompetency has dissatisfied the youth voter enough that he or she would rather elect Kanye than Kasich. At least he’d know how to call out gold diggers who want to take Planned Parenthood’s money when boy and girl are in need.

Even if schools preach abstinence, as they are well-intentioned and justified to do so, young couples still fall short of that utopian ideal. As Planned Parenthood provides birth control pills, treatment for S.T.I.s and yes, legal abortions, the government only reimburses the organization for its care of American citizens, including any and all students.

20 years down the line, boy and girl may want three kids—but until then, Planned Parenthood is their answer.


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