About Me

I am Jessica Sommerville, a member of William Mason High School’s class of 2017, in Mason, Ohio, and I am a writer for our school newspaper, The Chronicle.

I love dark chocolate, especially when it is found in raw cookie dough.

I love the sound of rain against my window. When there are thunderstorms, it will take me days to miss the sun.

I love the feeling after a run. The run itself is a different story.

I love music, but I’m tone-deaf. I listen for the words, not the beat.

I love sleeping past 10:30 am, but I hardly ever do.

I love paperback books, the ones I can hold in my hands and crease and reread and reread.

I love that Netflix doesn’t have commercials.

I love words, and I surround myself with them at every possible instance.

I love that you took the time to read my blog and consider my opinions.



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