The 3 stages of being on the Chronicle staff

1. Sophomore year: Constant fear of your own shadow and any all interviews. The editors are friendly but also terrifying.

2. Junior year: Stress mode. I have to stay up until what time to post your football story online? You want what now for Mason in the Middle? My story is due WHEN?

3. Senior year: Been-round-the-block cool. Harasses underclassmen about why their drafts are not done and becomes the leader you once feared.


Transgender students struggle to find peace

Jessica Sommerville | Editor in Chief
Lauren Thomas | Staff Writer

In high school, the struggle to fit in has always been one of the biggest challenges students face. For most kids, identifying with a group can be very easy. Some are jocks, gamers, geeks or goths.

For the transgender teen, the typical rites of passage for a high school student can be a nightmare. Their search for acceptance is compounded by the internal struggle to become comfortable in their own skin. The transgender teen has to watch this struggle play out on television, political maneuvering and public debate.

While they are forced to deal with the desire to shed their skin and live a life they believe they were meant to live, they must also deal with a society which is apprehensive to accept them. They don’t want to be judged or ridiculed, they don’t want to be political advocates, they simply want others to accept them and just listen. This is the story of three courageous students at Mason High School who are on a journey to discover themselves as they shed one skin for another. They simply have one request. Just listen.

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