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Marijuana legalization goes up in smoke after resounding loss in November 3 election

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Pot smokers hoping to legally smoke a joint in Ohio will have to wait after Issue 3 burned to ashes on election day.

Issue 3 stood to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, but it granted only 10 sites the right to cultivate and sell it. An early October poll by Quinnipiac University indicated 53 percent of Ohio voters were pro-legalization, but support plummeted on November 3: 36 percent voted “Yes” while 64 percent voted “No.”

To legalize, voters also needed to reject Issue 2–a provision that forbade monopoly, and therefore Issue 3, under the Ohio constitution. The measure passed with 52 percent in favor and 48 percent against.

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Chronicle dominates Ohio Scholastic Media Association 2015 Contest

Listed below are the awards I received from the Ohio Scholastic Media Association 2015 Contest:
General Feature — Honorable Mention
Jessica Sommerville
News Feature — Honorable Mention
Jessica Sommerville
Commentary — Excellent
Jessica Sommerville
Online Opinion — Excellent
Jessica Sommerville
The Chronicle dominates: 
-Overall Online News Site — First Place
-Overall Newspapers — First Place
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Picture from The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers (AYAW) Blog

I submitted a collection of five poems to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards this year. After winning a Regional Gold Key award, I progressed to national jurisdiction from which I received a National Gold Medal. Congratulations to all our Mason entrants and winners.

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